Lawyers — Young and Old — Debate The Changing Legal Marketplace

See, Young Lawyers in ‘Lost Generation’ Seek a Foothold in the Legal Marketplace

  •  “If you don’t teach a man to fish, hunt, gather, or draft a settlement agreement, he’ll probably starve.”
  • “Why the heck would anyone incur $150,000.00 to get a law degree from the University of Oregon?”
  • “People who can not pay tuition in cash should not go to law school.”
  • “The legal field is watching MBA syndrome happen before its very eyes.”
  • “The free market is working.”
  • “When I read about these poor, suffering woeful souls I think… so what? This is life.”
  • “Despite the vitriol expressed by so many, being a lawyer is still an exciting, challenging and personally rewarding profession. If they didn’t choose it for the money they will not be disappointed.