Air Force Academy Lt. General Michael Gould announces six killed at “Sikh Mosque.”

If you have facial hair and wear a funny hat and reside in the United States, you are at risk.

“One day after Wade Michael Page opened fire and killed six Sikh Americans at a Milwaukee temple, the head of the U.S. Air Force Academy confused Sikhs with Muslims during a briefing before students and staff. Lt. Gen. Michael Gould is superintendent of the Colorado Springs military school. His job is to help educate, train and inspire the 4,000 young men and women at the academy to become ‘officers of character,’ according to the school’s mission statement. Yet this highly decorated, well-educated military leader referred to the Sunday morning massacre as taking place at a ‘Sikh mosque,’ as reported by the Colorado Springs Independent. Later, an academy public information officer compounded the error by mixing up Sikhs with Hindus.” ~Washington Post