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THELAWNET | Legal Research • Stop Guessing Keywords

In this case study, an attorney in Alaska can’t find opinions concerning an attorney-fee driven motion for enlargement of time. Mark Whitney explains how this search could have been resolved in one mouse click if the attorney had been focused on the numbers assigned to the two controlling procedural rules, instead of wasting time keyword guessing.

THELAWNET | Legal Research • One Click & Done

Matthew Wolf, a captain in the Army Reserve, sued Nissan over a disputed refund arising from a leased car he turned in when he was deployed to Afghanistan. But because of an arbitration clause in his lease, the lawsuit was dismissed, and his dispute was sent to arbitration. See, Failed by Law and Courts, Troops Come Home to Repossessions. (New York Times)

Which is weird, because when it comes to the military, the controlling law, in relevant part, says: “[N]o agreement to arbitrate any dispute involving the extension of consumer credit shall be enforceable.” 10 U.S.C. § 987; 32 CFR § 232.9

Check out this week’s legal research tutorial to see how easy it is to see what the courts have to say about this, regardless of whether you use Lexis, Westlaw or some other service.