Software Equalizer Software consists of three main components: (1) browser buttons control functions you are already familiar with such as saving, printing, copying, finding any word or phrase in a document and otherwise; (2) fifteen drop down menus that function as bookmark/favorites files deeplink you to more than 80,000 non-caselaw documents and databases; (3) the robust, comprehensive, perpetually updated, proprietary case law database indexes judicial opinions from all 315 Federal and state jurisdictions. delivers pure, national search results. You will never see a monetized hyperlink, so you don’t have to think before you click. You have unlimited access to everything, so there’s never an upsell.

When you use the case law database, you will be using four screens: (1) the Search Screen (above); (2) the Results Screen, and (3) the Opinion Navigation Screen, (4) and the Opinion Management Screen.