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     This section provides four additional examples that allow you to find words and phrases based on a more specific criteria.
Find the Second Word Within A Range After the First Word

     The above search will only retrieve documents where the second word, spending, follows the first word, deficit, by one to five words.

Find the Second Word Immediately After the First Word

     The adjacency term (adj) default operator and it is unidirectional, from left to right. Accordingly, by mere entry of the phrase deficit spending would deliver the same results as the example provided.

     There are occasions, however, when you may want to affirmatively include adj in the search string. For example, when you want to search for numerical information: dates, statute sections, social security numbers the punctuation mark can be substituted with adj

Find the Second Word Before or After the First Word-

     The NEAR term allows you to search for pairs of words in which either word can occur before the other. For example, if you want to retrieve documents discussing any type of hearsay objection, your search may look like the one above. By contrast, if you want to retrieve documents discussing hearsay objection or when the evidentiary objection was based on hearsay, your search may look like this: hearsay near objection

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