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“I started TheLaw.net Corporation on January 1, 1999 to put some teeth in the phrase ‘rule of law.'” ~Mark Whitney

“When everything’s on the line and it’s time to do deep research you’re not going to fire up the smart phone. You’re going to close the door, sit down at a full keyboard and focus. And, if you join the hundreds of thousands of attorneys nationally who enjoy unfettered access to the databases described herein, you will create briefs and memos of unsurpassed quality.

I started TheLaw.net Corporation on January 1, 1999 to put some teeth in the phrase ‘rule of law.’ The norm in those days was that if you worked for a governmental instrumentality or a large corporation you could see the law from coast-to-coast. However, if you worked in a small practice, West or Lexis sold you a sliver. I saw that class system among legal researchers as a social ill and set out to develop a system whereby everyone could have meterless, flat-rate access to all the law from coast-to-coast, with no warning screens or upcharges for functions that one would expect to be included. Dual column printing comes to mind.

Today, more than 500,000 attorneys pay to access the syndicated, searchable, checkable, citable database of judicial opinions that resides at the center of our flagship application, TheLaw.net Equalizer 7.

In 1999, all we had to sell was content and price. Today, we have the best algorithm in the business, with a results analysis screen that allows you to dynamically surface the best opinions based on search term numerosity, proximity, diversity, density, most-cited, least-cited, recency, party name and court hierarchy.

TheLaw.net Corporation indexes judicial opinions from all 315 Federal and state jurisdictions, databases are updated no later than the next business day, we have no concept of downtime, and it’s still less than $50 a month for unlimited, annualized access.

Click here to subscribe with the security of a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. You’ll be up and running in less than five minutes. If you have any questions call my assistant, Lynne, toll free 1.877.4.LAWNET or email postmaster@thelaw.net.

Our goal is perfection and we look forward to being of service!”