Do you sell monthly subscriptions? Corporation sells annual subscriptions that include a 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee, unlimited tech, reference and research support and the ability for you and your paralegal to install at work, at home and on your laptop.
How long have you been in business? started as a bookmark file on January 1, 1999. Today, we are America's No. 1 legal research system for the entrepreneurial online law office.
Do you do free trials?
Do you? :) We would rather have 1,000 new customers  than 100,000 potential customers kicking the tires. This policy allows us to cater to vested users. Put your money down and you have our undivided attention. We have a 30-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee for the 2% who cancel for whatever reason.
Who uses
Local practitioners, law professors, general counsel, city attorneys, paralegals, primarily in environments with 25 lawyers or less. Institutional users could save a lot of time and money with It's culturally difficult. Big ships take a long time to turn. Our subscribers search better and faster than the big guys do on Westlaw.
This sounds too good to be true. How do you charge so little?
Several reasons. First, we don't solve for every contingency. For example, we are not a resource for practice guides and treatises. Second, there's a process for everything. There's a big administrative difference, for example, in tagging a credit card once a year as opposed to once a month. Third, there's no fat. We don't print books, we don't have an outside sales staff, and we conduct all of our marketing via the Internet. We often wonder how they charge so much.
My current subscription is expensive but I understand it. Is easy to use?
You will be a Power User in 30 minutes or less. Guaranteed. But, we still give you 30 days to get your money back.
Are you going to charge me twice as much next year?
To the contrary, your renewal rate is guaranteed not to increase for two annual renewal terms. If you subscribe online today, multiply the price of your annual subscription by three to arrive at the maximum price you will pay to be with us for three years. There is no contract. Renew at your discretion. Corporation does not retain credit card information and we never, ever auto renew. Approximately one month before your subscription expires our robots will begin emailing you renewal reminders.
What does my annual subscription include?
The executive summary is from 1 U.S. to date, 1 F.2d to date, 1 F.Supp. to date, 1 B.R. to date, and the 50 states from 1950, or earlier, together with Federal and state statutes and regulations, judicial and administrative rules and forms, legislative and executive agency materials, hundreds of news resources, a built-in reference desk and much more. If you haven't already, click here to jump to our coverage map for a detailed list of primary resources, sorted by state.
Can I install at home?
You can install at work, at home and on your laptop. For every attorney on the subscription, one non-lawyer helper can do the same at no extra charge.
How do I search?
Boolean, Natural Language and Cite Lookup are included. If you have a cite, all you do is enter book and page and the case pops up.