Full Name   Abbreviation
W W Harrington's Reports (DE)   W.W. Harr.
Wage & Hour Cases (BNA)   Wage & Hour Cas. (BNA)
Wage and Hour Cases, Second Series (BNA)   Wage & Hour Cas. 2d (BNA)
Wake Forest Law Review   Wake Forest L. Rev.
Walker Reports (MS)   Walker (Miss.)
Walker's Chancery (MI)   Walk. Ch.
Walker's Reports (PA)   Walk.
Wallace Circuit Court Reports (US)   Wall. Cir. Ct.
Wallace's Reports (US)   Wall.
Ware's United States (US) District Court Reports   Ware
Washburn Law Journal   Washburn L.J.
Washington & Lee Law Review   Wash & Lee L. Rev.
Washington & Lee Race and Ethnic Ancestry Law Journal   Wash. & Lee R.E.A.L. J.
Washington (WA) Advanced Legislative Service   Wa. ALS
Washington (WA) Appellate Reports   Wn. App.
Washington (WA) Attorney General   Wash. AG LEXIS
Washington (WA) Board of Tax Appeals   Wash. Tax LEXIS
Washington (WA) Chancery Reports   Wa. Ch.
Washington (WA) Court of Appeals   Wash. App. LEXIS
Washington (WA) Environmental Hearings Office   WA ENV LEXIS
Washington (WA) Growth Management Hearings Board   GMHB LEXIS
Washington (WA) House Bill   Wa. HB
Washington (WA) House Joint Resolution   Wa. HJR
Washington (WA) Industrial Insurance Appeal   Wash. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Washington (WA) Law Review   Wash. L. Rev.
Washington (WA) Public Employment Relations Commission Decisions   WA PERC LEXIS
Washington (WA) Reports   Wash.
Washington (WA) Reports, Second Series   Wn.2d
Washington (WA) Securities   Wa. Sec. LEXIS
Washington (WA) Senate Bill   Wa. SB
Washington (WA) State Register   WSR
Washington (WA) Supreme Court   Wash. LEXIS
Washington (WA) Tax Decisions   Wash. Tax Dec.
Washington (WA) Territory Reports   Wash. Terr.
Washington (WA) Territory Reports   Wash. Terr. LEXIS
Washington (WA) Trademark Registration Number   WA TM Reg. No.
Washington (WA) University Journal of Law & Policy (fka Wash. U. J. Urb. & Contemp. L.)   Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y
Washington (WA) Utilities & Transportation Commission   Wash. UTC LEXIS
Washington County Reports (PA)   Wash. C. R.
Washington University Journal of Urban and Contemporary Law (nka Wash. U. J.L. & Pol'y)   Wash. U. J. Urb. & Contemp. L.
Washington University Law Quarterly   Wash. U. L. Q.
Washington's Reports (VA)   Wash. (VA)
Washington's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Wash. C. C.
Watts & Sergeant (PA)   Watts & Serg.
Watts' Reports (PA)   Watts
Wayne Law Review   Wayne L. Rev.
Weekly Criminal Bulletin (CAN)   W.C.B.
Weekly Criminal Bulletin (CAN)   W.C.B. LEXIS
Weekly Criminal Bulletin and Judgments (CAN)   W.C.B.J.
Weekly Criminal Bulletin and Judgments (CAN)   W.C.B.J. LEXIS
Weekly Criminal Bulletin, Second Series (CAN)   W.C.B. (2d)
Weekly Criminal Bulletin, Third Series (CAN)   W.C.B. (3d)
Weekly Law & Banking Bulletin   Weekly L. & Bank Bull.
Weekly Law Bulletin (OH)   Week. L. Bull.
Weekly Law Gazette (OH)   Week. L. Gaz.
Weekly Notes of Cases (PA)   Week. Notes Cas.
Weil's Hawaii (HI) Government Register   WHGR
Weil's Hawaii (HI) Government Register Index   WHGR INDEX
Wendell's Report (NY)   Wend.
West Virginia (WV) Acts   W. Va. Acts
West Virginia (WV) Advanced Legislative Service   W.V. ALS
West Virginia (WV) Appendix   W. Va. (Apx.)
West Virginia (WV) Attorney General   W. Va. AG LEXIS
West Virginia (WV) Attorney General Opinions   W.Va. Op. Att'y Gen.
West Virginia (WV) Chancery   W.V. Ch.
West Virginia (WV) House Bill   W.V. HB
West Virginia (WV) House Joint Resolution   W.V. HJR
West Virginia (WV) House Resolution   W.V. HR
West Virginia (WV) Law Review   W. Va. L. Rev.
West Virginia (WV) Public Service Commission   W. Va. PUC LEXIS
West Virginia (WV) Reports   W. Va.
West Virginia (WV) Securities   West Vir. Sec. LEXIS
West Virginia (WV) Senate Bill   W.V. SB
West Virginia (WV) Senate Joint Resolution   W.V. SJR
West Virginia (WV) Supreme Court   W. Va. LEXIS
West Virginia (WV) Tax   W. Va. Tax LEXIS
West Virginia (WV) Trademark Registration Number   WV TM Reg. No.
Westchester Bar Journal   Westchester B. J.
Western Appeal Cases (CAN)   W.A.C.
Western Labour Arbitration Cases (CAN)   W.L.A.C.
Western Law Journal (OH)   W.L.J.
Western Law Monthly (OH)   W.L. M.
Western Law Reporter (CAN)   W.L.R.
Western New England Law Review   W. New Eng. L. Rev.
Western State University Law Review   W. St. U.L. Rev.
Western Weekly Digest (CAN)   W.W.D.
Western Weekly Reports (CAN)   W.W.R.
Western Weekly Reports (New Series) (CAN)   W.W.R. (N.S.)
Westmoreland Law Journal   Westmor L.J.
Wharton (PA)   Whart.
Wheaton's Reports (US)   Wheat.
Wheeler's Criminal Cases (NY)   Wheeler Cr.
Whittier Law Review   Whittier L. Rev.
Widener Journal of Public Law   Widener J. Public L.
Widener Law Symposium Journal   Wid. L. Symp. J.
Wilcox's Reports (OH)   Wilcox
Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution   Willamette J. Int'l L. & Dispute Res.
Willamette Law Review   Willamette L. Rev.
William Mitchell Law Review   Wm. Mitchell L. Rev.
William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal   Wm. & Mary Bill of Rts. J.
William and Mary Environmental Law & Policy Review   Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev.
William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law   Wm. & Mary J. of Women & L.
William and Mary Law Review   Wm. & Mary L. Rev.
William and Mary Review of Virginia (VA) Law   Wm. & Mary Rev. Va. L.
Wilson's Superior Court Reports (IN)   Wils.
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues (CAN)   W.R.L.S.I.
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (CAN)   Windsor Y.B. Access Just.
Winston's Equity Reports (NC)   Win. Eq.
Winston's Reports (NC)   Win.
Wisconsin (WI) Acts   Wis. Acts
Wisconsin (WI) Administrative Bulletin   Wis. AB
Wisconsin (WI) Administrative Register   Wis. Admin. Reg.
Wisconsin (WI) Advance Legislative Service   Wis. ALS
Wisconsin (WI) Assembly Joint Resolution   Wis AJR
Wisconsin (WI) Attorney General   Wisc. AG LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Attorney General Opinions   Wis. Op. Att'y Gen.
Wisconsin (WI) Attorney General Opinions by Number   Wis. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Wisconsin (WI) Board of Tax Appeals Reports   Wis. B.T.A.
Wisconsin (WI) Court of Appeals   Wisc. App. LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Court of Appeals Public Domain Citation   WI App
Wisconsin (WI) Environmental Law Journal   Wis. Envtl. L.J.
Wisconsin (WI) International Law Journal   Wis. Int'l L.J.
Wisconsin (WI) Joint Resolution   Wis Joint Res
Wisconsin (WI) Law Review   Wis. L. Rev.
Wisconsin (WI) Laws   Wis. Laws
Wisconsin (WI) Public Utilities Commission   Wisc. PUC LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Reports   Wis.
Wisconsin (WI) Reports, Second Series   Wis. 2d
Wisconsin (WI) Securities Commission   Wisc. Sec. LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Senate Bill   Wis. SB
Wisconsin (WI) Senate Joint Resolution   Wis SJR
Wisconsin (WI) Supreme Court   Wisc. LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Supreme Court Public Domain Citation   WI
Wisconsin (WI) Tax Appeals Commission   Wisc. Tax LEXIS
Wisconsin (WI) Trademark Registration Number   WI TM Reg. No.
Wisconsin (WI) Women's Law Journal   Wis. Women's L.J.
Wisconsin (WI) Workers' Compensation Decisions   WI Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Witkins Table of Contents List   WS List
Women's Rights Law Reporter   Women's Rights L. Rep.
Woodbury & Minot's United States (US) Circuit Court   Wood. & M.
Woods' United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Woods
Woodward's Decisions (PA)   Woodw.
Woolworth's Circuit Court Reports   Wool.
World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement   WTO DS LEXIS
Wright's Reports (OH)   Wright
Wyoming (WY) Advance Legislative Service   Wy. ALS
Wyoming (WY) Attorney General   Wyo. AG LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Attorney General Opinions   Wyo. Op. Att'y Gen.
Wyoming (WY) Attorney General Opinions by Number   Wyo. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Wyoming (WY) Chapter   Wy. Ch.
Wyoming (WY) Enrolled Act   Wy. EA
Wyoming (WY) Government Register   WYGR
Wyoming (WY) Government Register Index   WYGR INDEX
Wyoming (WY) House Bill   Wy. HB
Wyoming (WY) House File   Wy. HF
Wyoming (WY) Law Journal   Wyo. L.J.
Wyoming (WY) Law Review (fka Land and Water Law Review)   Wyo. L. Rev.
Wyoming (WY) Public Domain Citation   WY
Wyoming (WY) Public Service Commission   Wyo. PUC LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Reports   Wyo.
Wyoming (WY) Secretary of State, Securities Division   Wy. Sec. LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Secretary of State, Securities Division No-Act   Wy. No-Act. LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Senate Bill   Wy. SB
Wyoming (WY) Senate File   Wy. SF
Wyoming (WY) Session Laws   Wyo. Sess. Laws
Wyoming (WY) State Board of Equalization   Wyo. Tax LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Supreme Court   Wyo. LEXIS
Wyoming (WY) Trademark Registration Number   WY TM Reg. No.
Wythe's Chancery Reports (VA)   Wythe