Full Name   Abbreviation
SEC No Action Letters   SEC No-Act. LEXIS
Sadler's Reports (PA)   Sadler
Safe Drinking Water Act   SDWA LEXIS
Saint Louis University Public Law Review   St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev.
Saint Louis-Warsaw Transatlantic Law Journal   St. Louis-Warsaw Trans'l
San Diego International Law Journal   San Diego Int'l L.J.
San Diego Justice Journal (nka Thomas Jefferson Law Review)   San Diego Just. J.
San Diego Law Review   San Diego L. Rev.
San Francisco Attorney   San Francisco Att'y
San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review   S.J. Agri. L. Rev.
Sandford's Chancery Reports (NY)   Sand. Ch.
Sandford's Superior Court Reports (NY)   Sandf.
Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal   Computer & High Tech. L.J.
Santa Clara Law Review   Santa Clara L. Rev.
Saratoga Chancery Sentinel (NY)   Sarat. Ch. Sent.
Saskatchewan Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Sask. D. J.
Saskatchewan Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Sask. D. J. LEXIS
Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Neutral Citation (CAN)   SKCA
Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench, Neutral Citation (CAN)   SKQB
Saskatchewan Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Sask. D. Crim. J.
Saskatchewan Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Sask. D. Crim. J. LEXIS
Saskatchewan Decisions, Civil Cases (CAN)   Sask. D. LEXIS
Saskatchewan Decisions, Criminal Cases (CAN)   Sask. D. Crim. LEXIS
Saskatchewan Law Reports (CAN)   Sask. L.R.
Saskatchewan Law Review (CAN)   Sask. L. Rev.
Saskatchewan Reports (CAN)   Sask. R.
Saskatchewan Reports (CAN)   Sask. R. LEXIS
Saskatchewan Reports Unedited (CAN)   SaskR Uned
Sawyer's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Sawy.
Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Minority Issues   SCHOLAR
Schuylkill Legal Record (PA)   Schuyl. L. Rec.
Schuylkill Register (PA)   Schuyl. Regis.
Scribes Journal of Legal Writing   Scribes J. Legal Writing
Seattle University Law Review   Seattle Univ. L. R.
Securities and Exchange Commission Decisions   SEC LEXIS
Securities and Exchange Commission Decisions and Reports   S.E.C.
Securities and Exchange Commission Judicial Decision   SEC Jud. Dec.
Securities and Exchange Commission Release Numbers   S.E.C. Rel. No.
Selden's Notes   Seld. Notes
Senate - Federal Bill - Enacted Version   Enacted S.
Senate - Federal Bill - Tracking Report   Bill Tracking S.
Senate Concurrent Resolution - Federal Bill - Enacted Version   Enacted S. Con. Res.
Senate Concurrent Resolution - Federal Bill - Tracking Report   Bill Tracking S. Con. Res.
Senate Document   S. Doc.
Senate Joint Resolution - Federal Bill - Enacted Version   Enacted S.J. Res.
Senate Joint Resolution - Federal Bill - Tracking Report   Bill Tracking S.J. Res.
Senate Report   S. Rpt.
Senate Resolution - Federal Bill - Tracking Report   Bill Tracking S. Res.
Senate Vote Report   Senate Vote No.
Sentencias Del Tribunal Supremo De Puerto Rico (PR)   P.R. Sent.
Sergeant and Rawle (PA)   Serg. & Rawle
Service Center Advice Memorandums   SCA
Service Center Advice Memorandums   SCA LEXIS
Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal   Seton Hall Const. L.J.
Seton Hall Journal of Sports Law   Seton Hall J. Sport L.
Seton Hall Law Review   Seton Hall L. Rev.
Seton Hall Legislative Journal   Seton Hall Legis. J.
Shannon's Unreported Cases   Shan.
Silvernail's Court of Appeals Reports (NY)   Silv. A.
Silvernail's Supreme Court Reports (NY)   Silv. Sup.
Singapore (SING) Law Reports   SLR LEXIS
Small Business Administration 8a   SBA8A LEXIS
Small Business Administration   SBA LEXIS
Smedes & Marshall's Chancery Reports   S. & M. Ch.
Smedes & Marshall's Reports   S. & M.
Smith's Reports (IN)   Smith Ind.
Smith's Reports (NH)   Smith N.H.
Smith's Tennessee (TN) Reports   Smith Tenn.
Sneed's Kentucky (KY) Decisions   Sneed (Ky)
Sneed's Reports (TN)   Sneed
Social Security Reporter Service   Soc. Sec. Rep. Service
Social Security Ruling   SSR LEXIS
Somerset Law Journal (PA)   Som. L.J.
South Africa (S AFR) Commercial Law Statutes   SA COMMERCIAL LAW
South Africa (S AFR) Communication Statutes   SA COMMUNICATION
South Africa (S AFR) Constitutional Law Reports   SACLR LEXIS
South Africa (S AFR) Constitutional Law Statutes   SA CONSTITUTIONAL LAW
South Africa (S AFR) Contract and Delict Statutes   SA CONTRACT AND DELICT
South Africa (S AFR) Corporate Law Statutes   SA CORPORATE LAW
South Africa (S AFR) Courts Statutes   SA COURTS
South Africa (S AFR) Criminal Law Statutes   SA CRIMINAL LAW
South Africa (S AFR) Education Statutes   SA EDUCATION
South Africa (S AFR) Energy Statutes   SA ENERGY
South Africa (S AFR) Environment and Conservation Statutes   SA ENVIR AND CONSER
South Africa (S AFR) Estates Statutes   SA ESTATES
South Africa (S AFR) Family and Persons Statutes   SA FAMILY AND PERSONS
South Africa (S AFR) Farming Statutes   SA FARMING
South Africa (S AFR) Finance Statutes   SA FINANCE
South Africa (S AFR) Financial Institutions and Insurance   SA FIN INST AND INS
South Africa (S AFR) General Law Amendments Acts Statutes   SA GEN LAW AMEND ACT
South Africa (S AFR) Health Statutes   SA HEALTH
South Africa (S AFR) History and Culture Statutes   SA HISTORY AND CULTURE
South Africa (S AFR) Housing Statutes   SA HOUSING
South Africa (S AFR) Income Tax Statutes   SA INCOME TAX
South Africa (S AFR) Labour Statutes   SA LABOUR
South Africa (S AFR) Land Statutes   SA LAND
South Africa (S AFR) Legal Administration Statutes   SA LEGAL ADMN
South Africa (S AFR) Liquor Statutes   SA LIQUOR
South Africa (S AFR) Procedural Law Statutes   SA PROCEDURAL LAW
South Africa (S AFR) Professions Statutes   SA PROFESSIONS
South Africa (S AFR) Provincial and Local Government Statutes   SA PROV AND LOC GOV
South Africa (S AFR) Resources Statutes   SA RESOURCES
South Africa (S AFR) Revenue Statutes   SA REVENUE
South Africa (S AFR) Science Statutes   SA SCIENCE
South Africa (S AFR) Security and Prisons Statutes   SA SECURITY AND PRISONS
South Africa (S AFR) Shipping Statutes   SA SHIPPING
South Africa (S AFR) Statutes   SA CITIZENSHIP
South Africa (S AFR) Transport Statutes   SA TRANSPORT
South Africa (S AFR) Welfare and Pensions Statutes   SA WELFARE AND PENSIONS
South Carolina (SC) Acts & Joint Resolutions   S.C. Acts
South Carolina (SC) Attorney General   S.C. AG LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Court of Appeals   S.C. App. LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Environmental Administrative Law Judge Division   SC ENV LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Environmental Law Journal   S.C Envtl. L.J.
South Carolina (SC) Equity Reports   S.C. Eq.
South Carolina (SC) House Bill   SC HB
South Carolina (SC) Law Reports   S.C.L.
South Carolina (SC) Law Review   S.C. L. Rev.
South Carolina (SC) Lawyer   S. Carolina Lawyer
South Carolina (SC) Public Service Commission   S.C. PUC LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Ratification   S.C. R.
South Carolina (SC) Reports   S.C.
South Carolina (SC) Securities   S. Car. Sec. LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Senate Bill   S.C. S.B.
South Carolina (SC) Supreme Court   S.C. LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Tax Commission   S.C. Tax LEXIS
South Carolina (SC) Trademark Registration Number   SC TM Reg. No.
South Dakota (SD) Advance Legislative Service   S.D. ALS
South Dakota (SD) Attorney General   S.D. AG LEXIS
South Dakota (SD) Attorney General Opinions   S.D. Op. Att'y Gen.
South Dakota (SD) Chancery   S.D. CH
South Dakota (SD) House Bill   S.D. HB
South Dakota (SD) Law Review   S.D. L. Rev.
South Dakota (SD) Laws   S.D. Laws
South Dakota (SD) Public Domain Citation   SD
South Dakota (SD) Public Service Commission   S.D. PUC LEXIS
South Dakota (SD) Register   South Dakota Reg.
South Dakota (SD) Reports   S.D.
South Dakota (SD) Securities   S.D. Sec. LEXIS
South Dakota (SD) Securities No-Action Letters   S.D. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
South Dakota (SD) Senate Bill   S.D. SB
South Dakota (SD) Supreme Court   S.D. LEXIS
South Dakota (SD) Trademark Registration Number   SD TM Reg. No.
South Eastern Reporter   S.E.
South Eastern Reporter, Second Series   S.E.2d
South Texas (TX) Law Journal   S. Tex. L.J.
South Texas (TX) Law Review   S. Tex. L. Rev.
South Western Reporter   S.W.
South Western Reporter, Second Series   S.W.2d
South Western Reporter, Third Series   S.W.3d
Southern California (CA) Interdisciplinary Law Journal   S. Cal. Interdis. L.J.
Southern California (CA) Law Review   S. Cal. L. Rev.
Southern California (CA) Review of Law and Women's Studies   S. Cal. Rev. L. & Women's Stud.
Southern Illinois (IL) University Law Journal   S. Ill. U. L. J.
Southern Methodist University Law Review   SMU L. Rev.
Southern Reporter   So.
Southern Reporter, Second Series   So. 2d
Southern University Law Review   S.U. L. Rev.
Southwestern Journal of Law and Trade in the Americas   Sw. J. of L. & Trade Am.
Southwestern Law Journal   Sw. L.J.
Southwestern University Law Review   Sw. U. L. Rev.
Sports Lawyers Journal   Sports Law. J.
Sprague's United States (US) District Ct. (Admiralty) Decisions   Sprague
St Louis Law Journal   St. Louis U. L.J.
St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary   St. John's J.L. Comm.
St. John's Law Review   St. John's L. Rev.
St. Louis Law Review   St. Louis L. Rev.
St. Mary's Law Journal   St. Mary's L. J.
St. Thomas Law Review   St. Thomas L. Rev.
Stanford Environmental Law Journal   Stan. Envtl. L.J.
Stanford Journal of International Law   Stan. J Int'l L.
Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance   Stan. J.L. Bus. & Fin.
Stanford Law & Policy Review   Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev
Stanford Law Review   Stan. L. Rev.
Stanford Technology Law Review   Stan. Tech. L. Rev.
State Trademark Serial Number   ST TM Ser. No.
State of California (CA) Fair Employment and Housing Commission   CAFEHC LEXIS
Stetson Law Review   Stetson L. Rev.
Stewart & Porter's Reports (AL)   Stew. & P.
Stewart's Reports (AL)   Stew.
Stewart's Vice-Admiralty Reports, Nova Scotia (CAN)   Stewart
Stockton's Equity Reports (NJ)   Stock.
Storey's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Storey
Stuart's Vice-Admiralty Reports, Quebec (CAN)   Stuart Vice-Adm.
Suffolk Journal of Trial and Appellate Advocacy   Suffolk J. Trial & App. Adv.
Suffolk Transnational Law Review   Suffolk Transnat'l L. Rev.
Suffolk University Law Review   Suffolk U. L. Rev.
Sumner's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Sumn.
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act   SARA LEXIS
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act Legislative History   SARA Leg. Hist.
Supreme Court Economic Review   S. Ct. Econ. Rev.
Supreme Court Reporter   S. Ct.
Supreme Court Reports, District of Columbia (DC) (New Series)   D.C. (n.s.)
Supreme Court Review   Sup. Ct. Rev.
Supreme Court of Austrailian (AUST) Capital Territory   AUST ACTSC LEXIS
Supreme Court of Canada (CAN) Decisions   S.C.C.D.
Supreme Court of Canada (CAN) Decisions   S.C.C.D. LEXIS
Supreme Court of Canada (CAN) Decisions and Judgments   S.C.C.D.J.
Supreme Court of Canada (CAN) Decisions and Judgments   S.C.C.D.J. LEXIS
Supreme Court of Ohio (OH) Board of Grievance and Discipline   Ohio Griev. Discip. LEXIS
Supreme Court of Puerto Rico (PR)   P.R. Offic. Trans.
Surface Transportation Board   S.T.B.
Surface Transportation Board   STB LEXIS
Susquehanna Legal Chronicle (PA)   Susq. Leg. Chron.
Swan's Reports (TN)   Swan
Sweeney (NY)   Sween.
Sydney Law Review   Sydney L. Rev.
Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce   Syracuse J. Int'l L. & Com.
Syracuse Journal of Legislation & Policy   Syracuse J. Legis. & Pol.
Syracuse Law Review   Syracuse L. Rev.
Syracuse Law and Technology Journal   Syracuse L. & Tech. J.