Full Name   Abbreviation
MacArthur & Mackey's District of Columbia (DC) Reports   MacArth. & M.
MacArthur's Reports (DC)   MacArth.
Mackey's Reports (DC)   Mackey
Maine (ME) Advance Legislative Service   Me. ALS
Maine (ME) Attorney General   Me. AG LEXIS
Maine (ME) Bar Journal   Maine Bar J.
Maine (ME) Chancery Reports   Me. Ch.
Maine (ME) Government Register   MEGR
Maine (ME) Government Register Index   MEGR INDEX
Maine (ME) House Proposal   Me. HP
Maine (ME) Inititated Bill   Me. IB
Maine (ME) Law Review   Me. L. Rev.
Maine (ME) Laws   Me. Laws
Maine (ME) Public Utilities Commission Decisions   Me. PUC LEXIS
Maine (ME) Reports   Me.
Maine (ME) Resolution   Me. Resolution
Maine (ME) Securities   Maine Sec. LEXIS
Maine (ME) Senate Proposal   Me. SP
Maine (ME) Supreme Court Reports (Electronic)   ME
Maine (ME) Supreme Judicial Court   Me. LEXIS
Maine (ME) Trademark Registration Number   ME TM Reg. No.
Malayan Law Journal   MLJ LEXIS
Manitoba Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Man. D. J.
Manitoba Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Man. D. J. LEXIS
Manitoba Court of Appeal, Neutral Citation (CAN)   MBCA
Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Neutral Citation (CAN)   MBQB
Manitoba Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Man. D. Crim. J.
Manitoba Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Man. D. Crim. J. LEXIS
Manitoba Decisions, Civil Cases (CAN)   Man. D. LEXIS
Manitoba Decisions, Criminal Cases (CAN)   Man. D. Crim. LEXIS
Manitoba Law Journal (CAN)   Man. L.J.
Manitoba Law Reports (CAN)   Man. L.R.
Manitoba Reports (CAN)   Man. R.
Manitoba Reports tempore Wood (ed. Armour) (CAN)   Man. R. temp Wood
Manitoba Reports, Second Series (CAN)   Man. R. (2d)
Manitoba Reports, Second Series (CAN)   Man. R. (2d) LEXIS
Manitoba Reports, Unedited (CAN)   ManR Uned
Manning's Unreported Cases (LA)   Man. Unrep. Cas.
Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act   MPRSA LEXIS
Maritime Lawyer   Mar. Law.
Maritime Provinces Reports (CAN)   M.P.R.
Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review   Marq. Intell. Prop. L. Rev.
Marquette Law Review   Marq. L. Rev.
Marquette Sports Law Journal (nka Marquette Sports Law Review)   Marq. Sports L.J.
Marquette Sports Law Review (fka Marquette Sports Law Journal)   Marq. Sports L. Rev.
Martin & Yerger's Reports (TN)   Mart. & Yer.
Martin's Chancery Reports   Martin's Ch. Dec.
Martin's Decisions in Equity (AR)   Martin's Dec. Eq.
Martin's Reports   Martin
Martin's Reports (LA)   Mart.
Martin's Reports (n.s.) (LA)   Mart. (n.s.)
Martin's Reports of Mining Cases, British Columbia (CAN)   M.M. Cas.
Marvel (DE)   Marv.
Maryland (MD) Advance Legislative Service   Md. ALS
Maryland (MD) Appellate Reports   Md. App.
Maryland (MD) Attorney General   Md. AG LEXIS
Maryland (MD) Attorney General Opinions   Md. Op. Att'y Gen.
Maryland (MD) Chancery Decisions   Md. Ch.
Maryland (MD) Court of Appeals   Md. LEXIS
Maryland (MD) Court of Special Appeals   Md. App. LEXIS
Maryland (MD) House Bill   Md. HB
Maryland (MD) Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues   Md. J. Contemp. L. Issues
Maryland (MD) Journal of International Law & Trade   Md. J. Int'l L. & Trade
Maryland (MD) Law Review   Md. L. Rev.
Maryland (MD) Laws   Md. Laws
Maryland (MD) Public Service Commission   Md. P.S.C.
Maryland (MD) Public Service Commission   Md. PSC LEXIS
Maryland (MD) Register   Md. Reg.
Maryland (MD) Register Table of Contents   Md. Reg. TOC
Maryland (MD) Reports   Md.
Maryland (MD) Securities No-Action Letters   Md. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
Maryland (MD) Senate Bill   Md. SB
Maryland (MD) Tax Court   Md. Tax LEXIS
Maryland (MD) Trademark Registration Number   MD TM Reg. No.
Mason 's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   Mason C.C.
Massachusetts (MA) Advanced Legislative Service   Mass. ALS
Massachusetts (MA) Appellate Decisions Reports   Mass. App. Dec.
Massachusetts (MA) Appellate Division Reports   Mass. App. Div.
Massachusetts (MA) Attorney General   Mass. AG LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Attorney General Opinions   Mass. Op. Att'y Gen.
Massachusetts (MA) Attorney General Opinions, Conflict of Interest   Mass. Op. Att'y Gen. Conf't Interest
Massachusetts (MA) Commission Against Discrimination   Mass. Comm. Discrim. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Court of Appeals   Mass. App. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Court of Appeals Reports   Mass. App. Ct.
Massachusetts (MA) Department of Environmental Protection   MA ENV LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) House Bill   Mass. H.B.
Massachusetts (MA) Law Quarterly   Mass. L. Q.
Massachusetts (MA) Law Reporter   Mass. L. Rep.
Massachusetts (MA) Law Review   Mass. L. Rev.
Massachusetts (MA) Lawyers Weekly   Mass. Law. Weekly
Massachusetts (MA) Regulations   MAREG
Massachusetts (MA) Regulations Table of Contents   MAREG TOC
Massachusetts (MA) Reports   Mass.
Massachusetts (MA) Securities   Mass. Sec. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Securities No-Action Letters   Mass. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Senate Bill   Mass. S.B.
Massachusetts (MA) Superior Court   Mass. Super. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Supreme Judicial Court   Mass. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Tax Appeals   Mass. Tax LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Trademark Registration Number   MA TM Reg. No.
Massachusetts (MA) Workers' Compensation   MA Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Massachusetts (MA) Workers' Compensation Reports   Mass. Workers' Comp. Rep.
McAllister's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   McAll.
McCahon's Reports (KS)   McCahon
McCord's Chancery (SC)   McCord Eq.
McCord's Reports (SC)   McCord
McCrary's Circuit Court Reports   McCrary
McGeorge Law Review   McGeorge L. Rev.
McGill Law Journal (CAN)   McGill L.J.
McGloin's Louisiana (LA) Court of Appeals Reports   McGl.
McGrath's Mandamus Cases (MI)   McGrath
McLean's United States (US) Circuit Court Reports   McLean
McMullan's Equity (SC)   McMul. Eq.
McMullan's Reports (SC)   McMul.
Media Law Reporter (BNA)   Media L. Rep. (BNA)
Media Law and Policy   Media L. & Pol'y
Medical Waste Tracking Act   MWTA LEXIS
Meigs' Reports (TN)   Meigs
Melbourne University Law Review   Melb. U.L. Rev.
Memphis State University Law Review (nka University of Memphis Law Review)   Mem. St. U.L. Rev.
Mercer Beasley Law Review   Mercer Beasl. L. Rev.
Mercer County Law Journal (PA)   Mercer County L.J.
Mercer Law Review   Mercer L. Rev.
Merit Systems Protection Board Decisions   M.S.P.B.
Merit Systems Protection Board   MSPB LEXIS
Metcalf's Reports (KY)   Met.
Metcalf's Reports (MA)   Metc.
Miami Law Quarterly   Miami L.Q.
Michigan (MI) Advance Legislative Service   Mi. ALS
Michigan (MI) Attorney General   Mich. AG LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Attorney General Opinions   Mich. Op. Att'y Gen.
Michigan (MI) Attorney General Opinions Advance Numbers   Mich. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Michigan (MI) Bar Journal   MI Bar Jnl.
Michigan (MI) Court of Appeals   Mich. App. LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Court of Appeals Reports   Mich. App.
Michigan (MI) Department of Commerce Corporation & Securities Bureau   Mich. Sec. LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Department of Natural Resources   Mich. ENV LEXIS
Michigan (MI) House Bill   Mi. HB
Michigan (MI) Initiative Reporter   Mi. Init.
Michigan (MI) Journal of Gender and Law   Mich. J. Gender & Law
Michigan (MI) Journal of International Law   Mich. J. Int'l L.
Michigan (MI) Journal of Race & Law   Mich. J. Race & L.
Michigan (MI) Law Review   Mich. L. Rev.
Michigan (MI) Law and Policy Review   Mich. L. & Pol'y Rev.
Michigan (MI) Public Employees Reporter (LRP)   MPER (LRP)
Michigan (MI) Public Employees Reporter (LRP)   MPER (LRP) LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Public Service Commission   Mich. PSC LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Reports   Mich.
Michigan (MI) Senate Bill   Mi. SB
Michigan (MI) State Bar Journal   Mich. St. Bar J.
Michigan (MI) State University-DCL Journal of Int'l Law (fka Journal of Int'l Law and Practice)   MSU-DCL J. Int'l L.
Michigan (MI) Supreme Court   Mich. LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Tax Tribunals   Mich. Tax LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Telecommunications and Technology Law Review   Mich. Telecomm. Tech. L. Rev.
Michigan (MI) Trademark Registration Number   MI TM Reg. No.
Michigan (MI) Workers' Compensation Law Reporter   MIWCLR (LRP) LEXIS
Michigan (MI) Workers' Compensation Reporter   MIWCLR (LRP)
Miflin County Legal Journal (PA)   Miflin County L. J.
Miles' Reports (PA)   Miles
Military Justice Reporter   M.J.
Military Law Review   Mil. L. Rev.
Mill's Constitutional Court Reports (SC)   Mill S.C.
Mills Surrogate (NY)   Mills
Minnesota (MN) Advance Legislative Service   Minn. ALS
Minnesota (MN) Attorney General   Minn. AG LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) Attorney General Opinions   Minn. Op. Att'y Gen.
Minnesota (MN) Attorney General Opinions (By Number)   Minn. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Minnesota (MN) Chapter Laws   Minn. Chapter Law
Minnesota (MN) Court of Appeals   Minn. App. LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) House File Number   Minn. H.F. No.
Minnesota (MN) Intellectual Property Review   Minn. Intell. Prop. Rev.
Minnesota (MN) Journal of Global Trade   Minn. J. Global Trade
Minnesota (MN) Law Review   Minn. L. Rev.
Minnesota (MN) Lawyer (Finance & Commerce)   Minn. Lawyer
Minnesota (MN) Public Utilities Commission   Minn. PUC LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) Reports   Minn.
Minnesota (MN) Resolution   Minn. Resolution
Minnesota (MN) Securities   Minn. Sec. LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) Senate File Number   Minn. S.F. No.
Minnesota (MN) State Register Index   Minn. Reg. Index
Minnesota (MN) Supreme Court   Minn. LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) Tax Court   Minn. Tax LEXIS
Minnesota (MN) Trademark Registration Number   MN TM Reg. No.
Minnesota (MN) Workers' Compensation Decisions   MN Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Minor (AL)   Minor
Mississippi (MS) Advance Legislative Service   Miss. ALS
Mississippi (MS) Attorney General   Miss. AG LEXIS
Mississippi (MS) College Law Review   Miss. C. L. Rev.
Mississippi (MS) Government Register   MSGR
Mississippi (MS) Government Register Index   MSGR INDEX
Mississippi (MS) House Bill   Miss. H.B.
Mississippi (MS) House Conference Report   Miss. H.C.R.
Mississippi (MS) House Joint Resolution   Miss. H.J.R.
Mississippi (MS) Law Journal   Miss. L.J.
Mississippi (MS) Reports   Miss.
Mississippi (MS) Securities   Miss. Sec. LEXIS
Mississippi (MS) Senate Bill   Miss. S.B.
Mississippi (MS) Senate Conference Report   Miss. S.C.R.
Mississippi (MS) Supreme Court   Miss. LEXIS
Mississippi (MS) Trademark Registration Number   MS TM Reg. No.
Mississippi (MS) Unreported Decisions   Miss. Dec.
Missouri (MO) Advance Legislative Service   Mo. ALS
Missouri (MO) Appeals Reports   Mo. App.
Missouri (MO) Attorney General   Mo. AG LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Bar Journal (nka Journal of the Missouri Bar)   Mo. B.J.
Missouri (MO) Court of Appeals   Mo. App. LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Department of Revenue Letter Rulings   Mo. Tax Ltr. Rul. LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Environmental Law and Policy Review   Mo. Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev.
Missouri (MO) House Bill   Mo. HB
Missouri (MO) House Joint Resolution   MO. HJR
Missouri (MO) Law Review   Mo. L. Rev.
Missouri (MO) Public Service Commission   Mo. P.S.C. (N.S.)
Missouri (MO) Public Service Commission   Mo. PSC LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Register   MoReg
Missouri (MO) Reports   Mo.
Missouri (MO) Securities Commission   Mo. Sec. LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Senate Bill   Mo. SB
Missouri (MO) Senate Joint Resolution   MO. SJR
Missouri (MO) State Tax Commission   Mo. Tax LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Supreme Court   Mo. LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Trademark Registration Number   MO TM Reg. No.
Missouri (MO) Workers' Compensation Law Reporter   MOWCLR (LRP) LEXIS
Missouri (MO) Workers' Compesation Reporter   MOWCLR (LRP)
Modern Law of Employment Relationships   Empl. Rel.
Modern Law of Employment Relationships Appendix   Empl. Rel. Appx.
Monaghan's Reports (PA)   Monag.
Monroe Legal Reporter (PA)   Monroe Legal Rep.
Montana (MT) Advance Legislative Service   Mt. ALS
Montana (MT) Attorney General   Mont. AG LEXIS
Montana (MT) Attorney General Opinions   Mont. Op. Att'y Gen.
Montana (MT) Attorney General Opinions (Number)   Mont. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Montana (MT) Chapter   MT Ch.
Montana (MT) House Bill   MT HB
Montana (MT) House Joint Resolution   MT HJR
Montana (MT) House Resolution   MT HR
Montana (MT) Law Review   Mont. L. Rev.
Montana (MT) Lawyer ,The   Montana Lawyer
Montana (MT) Public Service Commission   Mont. PUC LEXIS
Montana (MT) Reports   Mont.
Montana (MT) Resolution   M.T. Resolution
Montana (MT) Securities   Mont. Sec. LEXIS
Montana (MT) Senate Bill   MT SB
Montana (MT) Senate Joint Resolution   MT SJR
Montana (MT) Senate Resolution   MT SR
Montana (MT) Session Laws   Mont. Laws
Montana (MT) State Reporter   Mont. St. Rep.
Montana (MT) State Tax Appeals Board   Mont. Tax LEXIS
Montana (MT) Supreme Court   Mont. LEXIS
Montana (MT) Supreme Court Public Domain Citation   MT
Montana (MT) Trademark Registration Number   MT TM Reg. No.
Montgomery County Law Reporter (PA)   Mont. County L. Rep.
Montreal Law Reports, Banc de la Reine (CAN)   M.L.R. B.R.
Montreal Law Reports, Cour superieure (CAN)   M.L.R. C.S.
Moore's Privy Council Cases (E.R.) (CAN)   Moo. P.C.C.
Moore's Privy Council Cases, New Series (E.R.) (CAN)   Moo. P.C.C.N.S.
Morris (IA)   Morris
Morrison's State Cases (MS)   Morr. St. Cas.
Motor Carrier Cases   MCC LEXIS
Motor Vehicle Reports (CAN)   M.V.R.
Motor Vehicle Reports, Fourth Series (CAN)   M.V.R. (4th)
Motor Vehicle Reports, Second Series (CAN)   M.V.R. (2d)
Motor Vehicle Reports, Third Series (CAN)   M.V.R. (3d)
Munford's Reports (VA)   Munf.
Municipal Law Reporter (PA)   Mun. L Rep.
Municipal and Planning Law Reports (CAN)   M.P.L.R.
Municipal and Planning Law Reports, Second Series (CAN)   M.P.L.R. (2d)
Municipal and Planning Law Reports, Third Series (CAN)   M.P.L.R. (3d)
Murphey's Reports (NC)   Mur.
Myrick's Probate Reports (CA)   Myr.