Full Name   Abbreviation
I.C.C. Valuation Report   Val. Rep.
ICC Practitioner's Journal   Transp. Prac. J.
IDEA: The Journal of Law and Technology   IDEA
ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law   ILSA J Int'l & Comp L
INPADOC African Intellectual Property Organization Patents   INP OA
INPADOC African Regional Industrial Property Organization Patents   INP AP
INPADOC Argentina (Arg.) Patents   INP AR
INPADOC Australian (Austl.) Patents   INP AU
INPADOC Belgian (Belg.) Patents   INP BE
INPADOC Brazilian (Braz.) Patents   INP BR
INPADOC Bulgarian (Bulg.) Patents   INP BG
INPADOC Canadian (Can.) Patents   INP CA
INPADOC Chinese (P.R.C.) Patents   INP CN
INPADOC Croatian (Croat.) Patents   INP HR
INPADOC Cuban (Cuba) Patents   INP CU
INPADOC Cyprus (Cyprus) Patents   INP CY
INPADOC Czech Republic (Czech. Rep.) Patents   INP CZ
INPADOC Czechoslovakian (Czech.) Patents   INP CS
INPADOC Denmark (Den.) Patents   INP DK
INPADOC Egyptian (Egypt) Patents   INP EG
INPADOC Eurasian (Eur.) Patents   INP EA
INPADOC European Patent Office Patents   INP EP
INPADOC Federal Republic of Germany (F.R.G.) Patents   INP DE
INPADOC Finish (Fin.) Patents   INP FI
INPADOC French (Fr.) Patents   INP FR
INPADOC German Democratic Republic (D.R.G.) Patents   INP DD
INPADOC Great Britain (Gr. Brit.) Patents   INP GB
INPADOC Greek (Greece) Patents   INP GR
INPADOC Hong Kong (HK) Patents   INP HK
INPADOC Hungarian (Hung.) Patents   INP HU
INPADOC Indian (India) Patents   INP IN
INPADOC Irish (Ir.) Patents   INP IE
INPADOC Israeli (Isr.) Patents   INP IL
INPADOC Italian (Italy) Patents   INP IT
INPADOC Japanese (Japan) Patents   INP JP
INPADOC Kenyan (Kenya) Patents   INP KE
INPADOC Latvian (Lat.) Patents   INP LV
INPADOC Lithuanian (Lith.) Patents   INP LT
INPADOC Luxembourg (Lux.) Patents   INP LU
INPADOC Malawian (Malawi) Patents   INP MW
INPADOC Malaysian (Malay.) Patents   INP MY
INPADOC Maltese (Malta) Patents   INP MT
INPADOC Mexican (Mex.) Patents   INP MX
INPADOC Moldovian (Mold.) Patents   INP MD
INPADOC Monaco (Monaco) Patents   INP MC
INPADOC Mongolian (Mong.) Patents   INP MN
INPADOC Netherlands (Neth.) Patents   INP NL
INPADOC New Zealand (N.Z.) Patents   INP NZ
INPADOC Norway (Nor.) Patents   INP NO
INPADOC Philippines (Phil.) Patents   INP PH
INPADOC Polish (Pol.) Patents   INP PL
INPADOC Portuguese (Port.) Patents   INP PT
INPADOC Republic of Korea Patents   INP KR
INPADOC Romanian (Rom.) Patents   INP RO
INPADOC Russian Federation (Russ.) Patents   INP RU
INPADOC Singapore (Sing.) Patents   INP SG
INPADOC Slovakian (Slovak.) Patents   INP SK
INPADOC Slovenian (Slovn.) Patents   INP SI
INPADOC Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (S.R.V.) Patents   INP VN
INPADOC South African (S.Afr.) Patents   INP ZA
INPADOC Spanish (Spain) Patents   INP ES
INPADOC Swedish (Swed.) Patents   INP SE
INPADOC Swiss (Switz.) Patents   INP CH
INPADOC Turkish (Turk.) Patents   INP TR
INPADOC Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic (U.S.S.R.) Patents   INP SU
INPADOC United States (US) of America Patents   INP US
INPADOC World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Patents   INP WO
INPADOC Yugoslavian (Yugo.) Patents   INP YU
INPADOC Zambian (Zambia) Patents   INP ZM
INPADOC Zimbabwe (Zimb.) Patents   INP ZW
IRS Action on Decision   AOD
IRS Announcement   Announcement
IRS Chief Counsel Advice Memorandums   IRS CCA
IRS Chief Counsel Advice Memorandums   IRS CCA LEXIS
IRS Chief Counsel Notice   IRS Chief Counsel Notice LEXIS
IRS Criminal Tax Bulletin   IRS CTB
IRS Criminal Tax Bulletin   IRS CTB LEXIS
IRS Disclosure Litigation Bulletin   IRS DLB LEXIS
IRS General Counsel Memoranda   IRS GCM LEXIS
IRS General Litigation Bulletin   GLB
IRS General Litigation Bulletin   GLB LEXIS
IRS Litigation Guideline Memorandums   IRS LGM LEXIS
IRS Notice   Notice
IRS Tax Litigation Bulletin   IRS TLB LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Administrative Bulletin   IAB
Idaho (ID) Advanced Legislative Service   Ida. ALS
Idaho (ID) Attorney General   Ida. AG LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Attorney General Opinions   Idaho Op. Att'y Gen.
Idaho (ID) Board of Tax Appeals   Ida. Tax LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Chancery Reports   Ida. Ch.
Idaho (ID) Court of Appeals   Ida. App. LEXIS
Idaho (ID) House Bill   Ida. HB
Idaho (ID) House Committee Reports   Ida. HCR
Idaho (ID) House Joint Memorial   Ida. HJM
Idaho (ID) Law Journal   Idaho L. J.
Idaho (ID) Law Review   Idaho L. Rev.
Idaho (ID) Public Utilities Commission   Ida. PUC LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Reports   Idaho
Idaho (ID) Resolution   Ida. Resolution
Idaho (ID) SEC   Id. Sec. LEXIS
Idaho (ID) SEC No-Action   Id. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Senate Bill   Ida. SB
Idaho (ID) Senate Committee Report   Ida. SCR
Idaho (ID) Senate Joint Memorial   Ida. SJM
Idaho (ID) Senate Joint Resolution   Ida. SJR
Idaho (ID) Session Laws   Idaho Sess. Laws
Idaho (ID) Supreme Court   Ida. LEXIS
Idaho (ID) Trademark Registration Number   ID TM Reg. No.
Iddings' Term Reports (OH)   Idd. T.R.
Illinois (IL) Advanced Legislative Service   ILL. ALS
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court   Ill. App. LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports   Ill. App.
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports (Abstract)   Ill. App. (Abstract)
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports, Second Series   Ill. App. 2d
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports, Second Series (Abstract)   Ill. App. 2d (Abstract)
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports, Third Series   Ill. App. 3d
Illinois (IL) Appellate Court Reports, Third Series (Abstract)   Ill. App. 3d (Abstract)
Illinois (IL) Attorney General   Ill. AG LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Bar Journal   Ill. B.J.
Illinois (IL) Circuit Court   Ill. Cir. Ct.
Illinois (IL) Commerce Commission   Ill. PUC LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Court Claims Reports   Ill. Ct. Cl.
Illinois (IL) Decisions   Ill. Dec.
Illinois (IL) Environment   Ill. ENV LEXIS
Illinois (IL) House Bill   ILL. HB
Illinois (IL) Human Rights Commission   ILHUM LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Law Bulletin   Ill. L. B.
Illinois (IL) Law Quarterly   Ill L. Q.
Illinois (IL) PLR   Ill. PLR LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Public Act   ILL. P.A.
Illinois (IL) Register   Ill. Reg.
Illinois (IL) Register Cumulative Index   Ill. Reg. Cumulative Index
Illinois (IL) Register Issues Index   Ill. Reg. Index
Illinois (IL) Register Sections Index   Ill. Reg. Sections Index
Illinois (IL) Register Table of Contents   Ill. Reg. TOC
Illinois (IL) Reports   Ill.
Illinois (IL) Reports, Second Series   Ill. 2d
Illinois (IL) Securities   Il. Sec. LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Senate Bill   ILL. SB
Illinois (IL) Supreme Court   Ill. LEXIS
Illinois (IL) Trademark Registration Number   IL TM Reg. No.
Illinois (IL) Workers' Compensation   Ill. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Immigration Appeal Cases (CAN)   I.A.C.
Immigration Case Reporter   Immigr. Cas. Rep.
Immigration Law Reporter - Matthew Bender   Immig. Rptr. LEXIS
Immigration Law Reporter, Second Series (CAN)   Imm. L.R. (2d)
Immigration Law Reporter, Third Series (CAN)   Imm. L.R. (3d)
Immigration Law and Procedure   Imm. Law and Proc. (MB)
Immigration Law and Procedure Reporter   Immigr. Law & Proc. Rep.
Immigration and Nationality Decisions   I. & N. Dec.
Indian Territory Reports (OK)   Indian Terr.
Indian Territory Reports   Indian Terr. LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Acts   Ind. Acts
Indiana (IN) Advanced Legislative Service   Ind. ALS
Indiana (IN) Attorney General   Ind. AG LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Attorney General Opinions   Ind. Op. Att'y Gen.
Indiana (IN) Court of Appeals   Ind. App. LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Court of Appeals Reports   Ind. App.
Indiana (IN) Decisions   Ind. Dec.
Indiana (IN) Department of Revenue   Ind. Tax LEXIS
Indiana (IN) House Enrolled Act   Ind. HEA
Indiana (IN) International and Comparative Law Review   Ind. Int'l & Comp. L. Rev.
Indiana (IN) Journal of Global Legal Studies   Ind. J. Global Leg. Stud.
Indiana (IN) Law Journal   Ind. L.J.
Indiana (IN) Law Review   Ind. L. Rev.
Indiana (IN) Office of Environmental Adjudication Decisions   IN ENV LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Public Employee Reporter (LRP)   IPER (LRP)
Indiana (IN) Public Employee Reporter (LRP)   IPER (LRP) LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Public Law   Ind. PL
Indiana (IN) Public Service Commission   Ind. PUC LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Register   Ind. Reg.
Indiana (IN) Reports   Ind.
Indiana (IN) Securities   Ind. Sec. LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Securities No-Action Letters   Ind. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Senate Enrolled Act   Ind. SEA
Indiana (IN) Supreme Court   Ind. LEXIS
Indiana (IN) Trademark Registration Number   IN TM Reg. No.
Individual Employment Rights Cases (BNA)   I.E.R. Cas. (BNA)
Industrial & Labor Relations Review   Indus. & Lab. Rel. Rev.
Insurance Law Journal   Ins. L.J.
Insurance Tax Review Magazine   Ins. Tax Rev.
Interim Decision Nos.   Int. Dec. No.
Interim Decisions   I. & N. Dec. Interim
Interior Board of Land Appeals Decisions   IBLA
Interior Board of Land Appeals Decisions   IBLA LEXIS
Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs   IBIA
Interior Department Decisions   I.D.
Interior Department Decisions   I.D. LEXIS
Internal Board of Surface Mining Appeals   IBSMA
Internal Revenue Bulletin   I.R.B.
Internal Revenue Service Informational Releases   IR
International Journal of Communication Law and Policy   Int'l J. Comm. L. & Pol'y
International Lawyer   Int'l Law.
International Legal Materials   I.L.M.
International Legal Perspectives   Int'l Legal Persp.
International Legal Theory   Int'l Legal Theory
International Taxation   International Taxation
International Trade Commission General Council Memorandum   ITC GCM LEXIS
International Trade Commission   ITC LEXIS
International Trade Reporter (BNA)   Int'l Trade Rep. (BNA)
Interstate Commerce Commission   ICC LEXIS
Interstate Commerce Commission Reports   I.C.C.
Interstate Commerce Commission Reports, Second Series   I.C.C.2d
Interstate Commerce Commission, Motor Carrier Cases   M.C.C.
Iowa (IA) Administrative Bulletin   Iowa Admin. Bull.
Iowa (IA) Advanced Legislative Service   Ia. ALS
Iowa (IA) Attorney General   Iowa AG LEXIS
Iowa (IA) Attorney General Opinions   Iowa Op. Att'y Gen.
Iowa (IA) Attorney General Opinions by Number   Iowa Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Iowa (IA) Bar Review   Iowa B. Rev.
Iowa (IA) Chapter   Ia. Ch.
Iowa (IA) Court of Appeals   Iowa App. LEXIS
Iowa (IA) House File   Ia. HF
Iowa (IA) House Joint Resolution   Ia. HJR
Iowa (IA) Journal of Corporate Law   Iowa J. Corp. L.
Iowa (IA) Law Bulletin   Iowa L. Bull.
Iowa (IA) Law Review   Iowa L. Rev.
Iowa (IA) Laws   Ia. LAWS
Iowa (IA) Legislative Acts   Iowa Acts
Iowa (IA) Reports   Iowa
Iowa (IA) Reports (Cole Edition)   Cole
Iowa (IA) Securities   Ia. Sec. LEXIS
Iowa (IA) Senate File   Ia. SF
Iowa (IA) Senate Joint Resolution   Ia. SJR
Iowa (IA) Supreme Court   Iowa Sup. LEXIS
Iowa (IA) Tax   Iowa Tax LEXIS
Iowa (IA) Trademark Registration Number   IA TM Reg. No.
Iowa (IA) Utilities Board   Iowa PUC LEXIS
Iowa (IA) Workers' Compensation Commissioner Decisions   IA Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Iredell's Equity (NC)   Ired. Eq.
Iredell's Law (NC)   Ired. Law
Israel Law Review   Isr. L. Rev.
Issues in Law and Medicine   Issues L. & Med.