Full Name   Abbreviation
FERC Reports: Opinions, Orders and Decisions Editions (CCH)   D.O.E. (CCH)
FPC (Docket Numbers)   F.P.C. Dkt. No.
FSIP Reporter Number   FSIP Rep No.
Fair Employment Practice Cases (BNA)   Fair Empl. Prac. Cas. (BNA)
Family Advocate   Fam. Adv.
Family Court Review - An Interdisciplinary Journal (fka Family and Conciliation Courts Review)   Fam. Ct. Rev.
Family Law Quarterly   Fam. L.Q.
Family Law Reform Act Cases (CAN)   F.L.R.A.C.
Family and Conciliation Courts Review (nka Family Court Review - An Interdisciplinary Journal)   Fam. & Concil. Cts. Rev.
Fayette Legal Journal (PA)   Fayette Legal J.
Federal Aviation Decisions   FAA LEXIS
Federal Banking Law Reports (CCH)   Fed. Banking L. Rep. (CCH)
Federal Carriers Cases (CCH)   Fed. Carr. Cas. (CCH)
Federal Case Docket Number   F. Cas. No.
Federal Cases   F. Cas.
Federal Claims Reporter   Fed. Cl.
Federal Communications Commission   FCC LEXIS
Federal Communications Commission Record   F.C.C.R.
Federal Communications Commission Reports   F.C.C.
Federal Communications Commission Reports, Second Series   F.C.C.2d
Federal Communications Law Journal   Fed. Comm. L.J.
Federal Court Digest (CAN)   F.C. D LEXIS
Federal Court of Appeal Decisions (CAN)   F.C.A.D.
Federal Court of Appeal Decisions (CAN)   F.C.A.D. LEXIS
Federal Court of Appeal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   F.C.A.D.J.
Federal Court of Appeal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   F.C.A.D.J. LEXIS
Federal Court of Appeal, Neutral Citation (CAN)   FCA
Federal Court of Australia (AUST)   AUST FEDCT LEXIS
Federal Court of Canada (CAN) (Trial Division), Neutral Citation   FCT
Federal Court of Canada (CAN), Appellate Division--Butterworths Canada Ltd. (Unreported)   Fed. Ct. Appeal LEXIS
Federal Court of Canada (CAN), Trial Division--Butterworths Canada Ltd. (unreported)   Fed. Ct. Trial LEXIS
Federal Courts Law Review   Fed. Cts. L. Rev.
Federal Deposit Insurance Commission Enforcement Decisions   FDIC Enf. Dec. LEXIS
Federal Deposit Insurance Commission Interpretative Letter   FDIC Interp. Ltr. LEXIS
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission   F.E.R.C.
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission General Counsel Opinions   FERCGC LEXIS
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission   FERC LEXIS
Federal Equal Opportunity Reporter   Fed. Equal Opp. Rep.
Federal Home Loan Bank Board   FHLBB LEXIS
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act   FIFRA LEXIS
Federal Labor Relations Act Administrative Law Judge Nov. No.   FLRA ALJ Nov. No.
Federal Labor Relations Authority Administrative Law Judge Decision Number   F.L.R.A. ALJ Dec. No.
Federal Labor Relations Authority Decisions   F.L.R.A.
Federal Labor Relations Authority   FLRA LEXIS
Federal Labor Relations Authority Report Number   FLRA No.
Federal Maritime Commission Reports   F.M.C.
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission   FMSHRC
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission   FMSHRC LEXIS
Federal Power Commission   FPC LEXIS
Federal Power Commission Reports   F.P.C.
Federal Register   FR
Federal Reporter   F.
Federal Reporter, Second Series   F.2d
Federal Reporter, Third Series   F.3d
Federal Reserve Interpretive Letters   Fed. Res. Interp. Ltr. LEXIS
Federal Rules Decisions   F.R.D.
Federal Rules Service, Second Series (Callaghan)   Fed. R. Serv. 2d (Callaghan)
Federal Rules Service, Third Series (Callaghan)   Fed. R. Serv. 3d (Callaghan)
Federal Rules of Evidence Manual   Fed Rules of Evid Man R
Federal Rules of Evidence Service (CBC)   Fed. R. Evid. Serv. (CBC)
Federal Securities Law Reports (CCH)   Fed. Sec. L. Rep. (CCH)
Federal Sentencing Reporter   Fed. Sent. R.
Federal Service Impasses Panel   FSIP LEXIS
Federal Service Impasses Panel Release Number   F.S.I.P. No.
Federal Supplement   F. Supp.
Federal Supplement, Second Series   F. Supp. 2d
Federal Trade Commission Decisions   F.T.C.
Federal Trade Commission Forms   FTC FORMS
Federal Trade Commission   FTC LEXIS
Federal Trademark Registration Number   Federal TM Reg. No.
Federal Trademark Serial Number   Federal TM Ser. No.
Federal Trial Reports (CAN)   F.T.R.
Federal Trial Reports (CAN)   F.T.R. LEXIS
Federal Trial Reports Unedited (CAN)   FTR Uned
Federal Water Pollution Control Act Legislative History   FWPC72 Leg. Hist.
Fiduciary Reporter (PA)   Fiduciary Rep.
Field Service Advice   Field Serv. Adv.
Field Service Advice   FSA LEXIS
Finance & Commerce (MN)   Fin. & C.
Financial Institutions Reform Recovery Enforcement Act Legislative History   FIRREA Leg. Hist.
Fire & Casualty Cases (CCH)   Fire & Casualty Cas.(CCH)
Fisher's United States (US) Patent Cases   Fish. Pat. Cas.
Fisher's United States (US) Prize Cases   Fish. Pr. Cas.
Fletcher Forum of World Affairs ,The   Fletcher F. World Aff.
Flippin's Circuit Court Reports (US)   Flip.
Florida (FL) Administrative Weekly   FAW
Florida (FL) Administrative Weekly Table of Contents   FAW TOC
Florida (FL) Advance Legislative Service   Fl. ALS
Florida (FL) Attorney General   Fla. AG LEXIS
Florida (FL) Attorney General Opinions   Fla. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Florida (FL) Bar Journal   Fla. Bar J.
Florida (FL) Coastal Law Journal   Fl. Coastal L.J.
Florida (FL) Department of Banking & Finance   Fla. Sec. LEXIS
Florida (FL) Department of Revenue   Fla. Tax LEXIS
Florida (FL) District Court of Appeals   Fla. App. LEXIS
Florida (FL) Division of Administrative Hearings   Fla. Div. Adm. Hear. LEXIS
Florida (FL) Environmental   Fla. ENV LEXIS
Florida (FL) Environmental and Land Use Decisions   ER FALR
Florida (FL) House of Representative, House Bill (ALS)   Fla. HB
Florida (FL) Journal of International Law   Fla. J. Int'l L.
Florida (FL) Journal of Public Law and Policy   J. Law. & Pub. Pol'y
Florida (FL) Law Weekly   Fla. L. Weekly
Florida (FL) Law Weekly Federal, Bankruptcy Court   Fla. L. Weekly Fed. B
Florida (FL) Law Weekly Federal, Court of Appeals   Fla. L. Weekly Fed. C
Florida (FL) Law Weekly Federal, District Court   Fla. L. Weekly Fed. D
Florida (FL) Law Weekly Federal, Supreme Court   Fla. L. Weekly Fed. S
Florida (FL) Law Weekly, Circuit Court   Fla. L. Weekly C
Florida (FL) Law Weekly, District Courts of Appeal   Fla. L. Weekly D
Florida (FL) Law Weekly, Supreme Court of Florida   Fla. L. Weekly S
Florida (FL) Public Employee Reporter (LRP)   FPER (LRP)
Florida (FL) Public Employee Reporter (LRP)   FPER (LRP) LEXIS
Florida (FL) Public Service Commission   FPSC
Florida (FL) Public Service Commission   Fla. PUC LEXIS
Florida (FL) Reports   Fla.
Florida (FL) Senate, Senate Bill (ALS)   Fla. SB
Florida (FL) Session Laws   Fla. Laws
Florida (FL) State University Journal of Transnational Law & Policy   J. Transnat'l L. & Pol'y
Florida (FL) State University Law Review   Fla. St. U.L. Rev.
Florida (FL) Supplement   Fla. Supp.
Florida (FL) Supplement, Second Series   Fla. Supp. 2d
Florida (FL) Supreme Court   Fla. Sup. Ct. R.
Florida (FL) Supreme Court   Fla. LEXIS
Florida (FL) Tax Review   Fla. Tax Rev.
Florida (FL) Trademark Registration Number   FL TM Reg. No.
Florida (FL) Workers' Compensation   Fla. Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Food and Drug Law Journal   Food Drug L.J.
Fordham Environmental Law Journal   Fordham Envtl. Law J.
Fordham Finance Securities and Tax Law Forum   Fordham Fin. Sec. & Tax L. F.
Fordham Intell. Prop., Media & Ent. L. J.   Fordham I. P., Media & Ent. L.J.
Fordham International Law Journal   Fordham Int'l L.J.
Fordham Law Review   Fordham L. Rev.
Fordham Urban Law Journal   Fordham Urb. L.J.
Fourth Circuit and District of Columbia (DC) Bankruptcy Court Reporter   4th Cir. & D.C. Bankr. Ct. Rep.
Fox's Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Copyright Cases (CAN)   Fox Pat. C.
Franchise Law Journal   Franchise L.J.
Free Trade Agreement Panel Decisions   FTAPD LEXIS
Freeman's Chancery (MS)   Freem. Ch.
Fulton County Daily Reporter (published in Georgia (GA) Opinions Weekly)   Fulton County D. Rep.