Full Name   Abbreviation
A.K. Marshall's Supreme Court Reports (KY)   A.K. Marsh.
Abbott's Admiralty Reports   Abb. Adm.
Abbott's Court of Appeals Decisions (NY)   Abb. Dec.
Abbott's New Cases (NY)   Abb. N. Cas.
Abbott's Practice Reports (NY)   Abb. Pr.
Abbott's Practice Reports (n.s.) (NY)   Abb. Pr. (n.s.)
Abbott's United States (US) Circuit & District Court Reports   Abb.
Actions on Decisions   AOD LEXIS
Acts of Alabama (AL)   Ala. Acts
Adams County Legal Journal (PA)   Adams. Co. Legal Journal
Addison's Reports (PA)   Add.
Administrative Law Journal of American University   Admin. L.J. Am. U.
Administrative Law Reports (CAN)   Admin. L.R.
Administrative Law Reports, Second Series (CAN)   Admin. L.R. (2d)
Administrative Law Reports, Third Series (CAN)   Admin. L.R. (3d)
Administrative Law Review   Ad. L. Rev.
Administrative Panel Decisions under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy   UDRP LEXIS
Advance Legislative Service Index   ALS INDEX
Agriculture Board of Contract Appeals   AGBCA LEXIS
Agriculture Decisions   Agric. Dec.
Aiken's Reports (VT)   Aik.
Air Force Law Review   A.F. L. Rev.
Akron Law Review   Akron L. Rev.
Akron Tax Journal   Akron Tax J.
Alabama (AL) Act   Al. Act
Alabama (AL) Advance Legislative Service   Al. ALS
Alabama (AL) Appellate Court Reports   Ala. App.
Alabama (AL) Attorney General   Ala. AG LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Attorney General Opinions   Ala. Op. Att'y Gen.
Alabama (AL) Court of Appeals   Ala. App. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Court of Civil Appeals   Ala. Civ. App. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Court of Criminal Appeals   Ala. Crim. App. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Environmental Administrative Decisions   AL ENV LEXIS
Alabama (AL) House Bill   Al. HB
Alabama (AL) House Joint Resolution   Al. HJR
Alabama (AL) Law Review   Ala. L. Rev.
Alabama (AL) Lawyer   Ala. Law.
Alabama (AL) Public Act   Al. Pub. Act
Alabama (AL) Reports   Ala.
Alabama (AL) Securities   Ala. Sec. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Securities No-Action Letters   Ala. Sec. No-Act. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Senate Bill   Al. SB
Alabama (AL) Senate Joint Resolution   Al. SJR
Alabama (AL) Senate Resolution   Al. SR
Alabama (AL) Supreme Court   Ala. LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Tax   Ala. Tax LEXIS
Alabama (AL) Trademark Registration Number   AL TM Reg. No.
Alaska (AK) Advance Legislative Service   AK. ALS
Alaska (AK) Attorney General   Alas. AG LEXIS
Alaska (AK) Attorney General Opinions (Informal)   Alas. Op. (Inf.) Att'y Gen.
Alaska (AK) Attorney General Opinions by Number   Alas. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Alaska (AK) Bar Rag   AK Bar Rag
Alaska (AK) Chapter   AK. Ch.
Alaska (AK) Court of Appeals   Alas. App. LEXIS
Alaska (AK) Department of Revenue   Alas. Tax LEXIS
Alaska (AK) Executive Order   AK. EO
Alaska (AK) Federal   Alaska Fed.
Alaska (AK) House Bill   AK HB
Alaska (AK) House Resolution   AK HR
Alaska (AK) Law Review   D. Alaska L. R.
Alaska (AK) Legislative Resolve   AKLR
Alaska (AK) Reports   Alaska
Alaska (AK) Resolve   Ak. Resolve
Alaska (AK) Securities   Alas. Sec. LEXIS
Alaska (AK) Senate Bill   AK SB
Alaska (AK) Senate Resolution   AK SR
Alaska (AK) Session Laws   AK Sess. Laws
Alaska (AK) Supreme Court (Advance Sheets)   Alaska Adv.
Alaska (AK) Supreme Court   Alas. LEXIS
Alaska (AK) Trademark Registration Number   AK TM Reg. No.
Alaska (AK) Workers' Compensation Decisions and Orders   AK Wrk. Comp. LEXIS
Albany Law Environmental Outlook   Alb. L. Envtl. Outlook
Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology   Alb. L.J. Sci. & Tech.
Albany Law Review   Alb. L. Rev.
Alberta Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Alta. D. J.
Alberta Civil Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Alta. D. J. LEXIS
Alberta Court of Appeal, Neutral Citation (CAN)   ABCA
Alberta Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Alta. D. Crim. J.
Alberta Criminal Decisions and Judgments (CAN)   Alta. D. Crim. J. LEXIS
Alberta Decisions, Civil Cases (CAN)   Alta. D.
Alberta Decisions, Civil Cases (CAN)   Alta. D. LEXIS
Alberta Decisions, Criminal Cases (CAN)   Alta. D. Crim. LEXIS
Alberta Law Reports (CAN)   Alta. L.R.
Alberta Law Reports, Second Series (CAN)   Alta. L.R. (2d)
Alberta Law Reports, Third Series (CAN)   Alta. L.R. (3d)
Alberta Law Review (CAN)   Alta. L. Rev.
Alberta Provincial Court, Neutral Citation (CAN)   ABPC
Alberta Queen's Bench, Neutral Citation (CAN)   ABQB
Alberta Reports (CAN)   A.R.
Alberta Reports (CAN)   A.R. LEXIS
Alberta Reports Unedited (CAN)   AR Uned
Alberta Weekly Law Digest (CAN)   A.W.L.D.
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries   A.C.W.S.
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries   A.C.W.S. LEXIS
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries and Judgments   A.C.W.S.J.
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries and Judgments   A.C.W.S.J. LEXIS
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries, Second Series   A.C.W.S. (2d)
All-Canada (CAN) Weekly Summaries, Third Series   A.C.W.S. (3d)
Allen's Reports (MA)   Allen
American Annotated Cases   Am. Ann. Cas.
American Annotated Cases, old style   Am. Ann. Cas. (o.s.)
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal   ABI JNL. LEXIS
American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review   Am. Bankr. Inst. L. Rev.
American Bankruptcy Law Journal   Am. Bank. L.J.
American Bankruptcy Reports   Am. B.R.
American Bankruptcy Reports (n.s.)   Am. B.R. (n.s.)
American Bar Association (ABA) The Tax Lawyer   Tax Law.
American Bar Association - Antitrust and Health Care: Insights into Analysis and Enforcement   Antitrust & Health Care
American Bar Association Journal   A.B.A.J.
American Business Law Journal   Am. Bus. L.J.
American Criminal Law Review   Am. Crim. L. Rev.
American Decisions   Am. Dec.
American Federal Tax Reports (P-H)   A.F.T.R. (P-H)
American Federal Tax Reports, Second Series (P-H)   A.F.T.R.2d (RIA)
American Indian Law Review   Am. Indian L. Rev.
American Intellectual Property Law Quarterly Journal   AIPLA Q. J.
American Journal of Comparative Law   Am. J. Comp. L.
American Journal of Criminal Law   Am. J. Crim. L.
American Journal of International Law   Am. J. Int'l L.
American Journal of Jurisprudence   Am. J. Juris.
American Journal of Law & Medicine   Am. J. L. and Med.
American Journal of Tax Policy   Am. J. Tax Pol'y
American Labor Cases (P-H)   Am. Lab. Cas.
American Law Records   Am. L. Rec.
American Law Register   Am. Law Reg.
American Law Register (n.s.)   Am. L. Reg., n.s.
American Law Reports   A.L.R.
American Law Reports, Federal   A.L.R. Fed.
American Law Reports, Fifth Series   A.L.R.5th
American Law Reports, Fourth Series   A.L.R.4th
American Law Reports, Second Series   A.L.R.2d
American Law Reports, Third Series   A.L.R.3d
American Law Times Reports, United States (US) Courts   Am. Law T. Rep. U.S. Cts.
American Maritime Cases   A.M.C.
American Reports   Am. Rep.
American Review of International Arbitration   Am. Rev. Int'l Arb.
American State Reporter   Am. St. Rep.
American University International Law Review   Am. U. Int'l L. Rev.
American University Journal of Gender and the Law (nka Am. U. J. of Gender, Social Policy & the Law)   Am. U. J. Gender & Law
American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law (fka Am. U. J. Gender & the Law)   Am. U.J. Gender Soc. Pol'y & L.
American University Journal of International Law & Policy   Am. U.J. Int'l L. & Pol'y
American University Law Review   Am. U.L. Rev.
Americans With Disabilities Cases (BNA)   Am. Disabilities Cas. (BNA)
Americans with Disabilities Decisions   Am. Disabilities Dec.
Anderson's Ohio (OH) Appellate Unreported Decisions   Anderson's Ohio App. Cas.
Annals of Health Law   Ann. Health L.
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science ,The   Annals
Annual Proceedings of the Section of Labor Relations Law of the ABA   A.B.A. Lab. Rel. L. Ann. Proc.
Annual Survey of American Law   Ann. Surv. Am. L.
Annual Survey of International and Comparative Law   Ann. Surv. Int'l & Comp. L.
Anthon's Nisi Prius Cases (NY)   Ant. N.P. Cas.
Anthon's Nisi Prius Reports, Second Series   Anthon N.P. 2d
Antitrust   Antitrust ABA
Antitrust Law Journal   Antitrust L.J.
Appeal: Review of Current Law and Reform (CAN)   Appeal
Arbitration Journal   Arb. J.
Arizona (AZ) Advance Legislative Service   Ariz. ALS
Arizona (AZ) Advanced Reports   Ariz. Adv. Rep.
Arizona (AZ) Appeals Reports   Ariz. App.
Arizona (AZ) Attorney   AZ Attorney
Arizona (AZ) Attorney General   Ariz. AG LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) Attorney General Opinions   Ariz. Op. Att'y Gen.
Arizona (AZ) Attorney General Opinions by Number   Ariz. Op. Att'y Gen. No.
Arizona (AZ) Board of Tax Appeals   Ariz. Tax LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) Chapter   Ariz. Ch.
Arizona (AZ) Corporation Commission   Ariz. PUC LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) Corporations Commission   Ariz. Sec. LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) Court of Appeals   Ariz. App. LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) House Bill   Ariz. HB
Arizona (AZ) House Concurrent Memorial   AZ HCM
Arizona (AZ) Journal of International and Comparative Law   Ariz. J. Int'l & Comp. Law
Arizona (AZ) Law Review   Ariz. L. Rev.
Arizona (AZ) Reports   Ariz.
Arizona (AZ) Senate Bill   Ariz. SB
Arizona (AZ) Senate Constitutional Memorial   Ariz. SCM
Arizona (AZ) State Law Journal   Ariz. St. L.J.
Arizona (AZ) Supreme Court   Ariz. LEXIS
Arizona (AZ) Trademark Registration Number   AZ TM Reg. No.
Arkansas (AR) Advance Legislative Service   Ark. ALS
Arkansas (AR) Advanced Opinions   Ark. Adv. Op.
Arkansas (AR) Appellate Reports   Ark. App.
Arkansas (AR) Attorney General   Ark. AG LEXIS
Arkansas (AR) Court of Appeals   Ark. App. LEXIS
Arkansas (AR) Environmental Agency Decisions   AR ENV LEXIS
Arkansas (AR) General Acts   Ark. Acts
Arkansas (AR) Government Register   ARGR
Arkansas (AR) Government Register Index   ARGR INDEX
Arkansas (AR) House Bill   Ark. HB
Arkansas (AR) Law Review   Ark. L. Rev.
Arkansas (AR) Reports   Ark.
Arkansas (AR) Securities   Ark. Sec. LEXIS
Arkansas (AR) Senate Bill   Ark. SB
Arkansas (AR) Supreme Court   Ark. LEXIS
Arkansas (AR) Trademark Registration Number   AR TM Reg. No.
Armed Service Board of Contract Appeals   ASBCA LEXIS
Army Lawyer   Army Law.
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act   AHERA LEXIS
Ashmead's Reports (PA)   Ashm.
Asian Law Journal   Asian L.J.
Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal   Asian-Pacific L. & Pol'y J.
Atlantic Provinces Reports (CAN)   A.P.R.
Atlantic Reporter   A.
Atlantic Reporter, Second Series   A.2d
Australia (AUST) Commonwealth Act   AUST ACT
Australia (AUST) Commonwealth Regulation   AUST REG
Australian (AUST) & New Zealand (NZ) Journal of Criminology   JC LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Bar Review   ABR LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Commercial Dispute Resolution Journal   CDRJ LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Competition & Consumer Law Journal   CCLJ LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Insurance Law Journal   ILJ LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Journal of Contract Law   JCL LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Journal of Corporate Law   AJCL LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Journal of Family Law   AJFL LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Journal of Labour Law   AJLL LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Property Law Journal   APLJ LEXIS
Australian (AUST) Torts Law Journal   TLJ LEXIS
Automobile Insurance Cases (CCH)   Auto. Cas. (CCH)
Automobile Insurance Cases, Second Series (CCH)   Auto. Cas. 2d (CCH)
Aviation Cases (CCH)   Av. Cas. (CCH)